Daylight Savings

March is here, and that means we're losing time. Not just because March is also the month that drags along St. Patrick's Day in it inciting all sorts of blackouts and impressive levels of alcohol consumption,  but also because it's the month in which the clocks arbitrarily jump forward an hour to appease the farming gods of old. Something like that. 

For the podcasts on the Out of Ideas network, March means new shows, new things to announce, and update a'plenty. Starting with: a brand new banner image! For 2018, the core podcast is heavily focusing on writing instead of so much focus on TV and movies. The updated banner image is meant to reflect that. What do you think of the composition?

Secondly, RADIOLEARY is really stepping up their game with relevant social issues and utter riduclousness in their recent podcasts. Already thus far in March, the fellows have discussed gun violence, has a morning zoo crew with Bella Lugosi and ripped apart the Oscars... of yesteryear. Soon, there are going to be some very big announcements coming from RADIOLEARY Tower, but until then, stay tuned!

Finally, Kaizen Komedy has been reviewing some of the best and brightest comedic voices of the modern era and are stepping it up later this week when Jim Jefferies and Trevor Noah go head to head in a purely speculative manner, as Shafi and crew break down what makes these gents so damn funny. Check out all the links at the top of the page for more information and to entertain your ear drums.

Keep on writing!