A Year of Change


If you’re reading this, it means you made it to the year 2019, or you’re looking back through history, or you’re a cave-person who fell through a distortion in space and time and learned to read somehow. However you found this site, welcome! This is the Write Idea Workshop, a podcast and website built around the idea of exploring creativity and learning about others process, goals, and achievements. We also talk about books, comics, movies and stuff that tickles our imaginations.

I started this podcast back in October of 2012 during the height of election season with my friend and occasional room mate, Justin Adkins. We started the show because we wanted to build a writing community like we experienced in college, where people could bounce ideas off one another, review works in progress, and challenge each other. That core has still remained throughout the shows history, but focuses have shifted from time to time, as have the people behind the mic and the places the show has been recorded in.

At the end of 2015, I moved back to New York after five years of living in Ohio and almost three years of recording the show. Justin stayed in Cincinnati, OH. Eventually, he started his own podcast about traveling throughout the country as a road comic with his friend Luke. Once in NY, I brought on friends and creative-minded peeps Caleb and Theresa to help me keep things going, and the show evolved with their collaboration. This year though, 2019, the show is feeling quite different from when we started, and we even have a new theme by Jac Kincaid (who provided the original theme(s)) and his delightful band He’s Dead Jim . I’m saying all of this because change is inevitable, and it’s happening again.

This year, I’m refocusing efforts to work on webcomics. I have made attempts previously, but the cost of maintaining those individual sites, and this show, and life in general has gotten to be too much. Instead, I plan to post comics here, in addition to the podcasts and writing prompts. I hope you like them! I do not have an exact update schedule as of yet, but I will be posting the first strips by March 15th.

Another change: Shortly after I moved back to NY and got involved with the stand-up comedy scene here, I started another podcast with comedian Chris O’Leary. His show, RADIOLEARY, is still under the Out of Ideas Network (which is what I the podcast network, if you didn’t guess), but after 2 years, I figured they needed their own site and built one for them. You can find all their episodes, plus blog posts, videos and photos from Cons we attend and the like on that very same website. It just launched officially today as well. So, future RADIOLEARY episodes can be found here .

Also, my third podcast Kaizen Komedy can be found at it’s own site.

I’m getting all the jelly out of my peanut butter.

Thank you all so much for listening, for writing in and for joining us on this weird journey. Let’s see where the metaphorical road takes us.