Writing Prompt: Why Is January So Dangerous?

Years ago, Neil Gaiman teamed up with Blackberry to do a multimedia project called The Calendar of Tales. At the onset of the project, Neil came up with a series of writing prompts to post on social media, where folks would tweet back what those prompts made them think of. Neil then selected a handful (12) and wrote what those prompt responses made him think of. Then! The finished tales were posted and people responded again with what artwork and photography those stories made the reader think of. 

The very first prompt was: Why is January so dangerous?


This isn't that involved. For this, we're just focusing on those first two parts. What does that phrase evoke in you? Write it out. It can be a poem, a short story, a limerick, whatever. The point is to get your creative juices going. Be sure to check out episodes 124 and 125 of The Write Idea Workshop to hear our responses to this prompt!